Church Renovation #7 – Pews, Paint and other Surfaces

Many of you have been involved in remodeling projects in your own homes and residences. If so, you have first-hand experience of the same concerns that we are facing: when you paint or improve one area, the adjoining areas suddenly look worse than you imagined.

With improved floor coverings, new wood finishes and improved lighting; attention will need to be given to all other areas of the church. A major need will be refinishing the existing pews. They are marred from many years of use and will look great with a new finish. They will not receive cushions nor be padded. The two front pews, where some of the older members of our parish sit, will keep the cushions that are presently there. The kneelers will also receive some attention.

Because of some water damage from the past, the wood that encases the ceiling beams will be refinished where needed. The brick surfaces of the church interior will also be cleaned and refinished.

The painted surfaces of the walls and ceiling will also be given the required attention they will need. It has been many years since any painting has been done in the church. There is no concern regarding asbestos anywhere in our parish church.

These external or “cosmetic” elements of our church interior are not theologically important, but do contribute powerfully to our sacramental and prayer environment. As in every part of our large and important project, these concerns will be given special attention to detail and quality.

Financial Estimates for Each Area

  1. Baptismal Font
  2. Tabernacle
  3. Flooring, Ramp, Handrail, Carpet
  4. Bathroom, Fountains
  5. Entry, Family Room
  6. Lighting
  7. Pews, Painting
  8. Upholstery, Benches, Sanctuary Rug
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