Church Renovation Update – July 2018

The response from our parishioners regarding the proposed renovation has been very exciting. Your support and enthusiasm are very encouraging. There have already been a number of very generous donations and pledges. I am very encouraged. This is the latest update on the project.

We have received all the required approvals from the Diocese of Salt Lake City. Our plans have been approved by the Liturgical Art and Architecture Committee and Bishop Solis. The Diocesan Finance Committee has approved our budget and our need for a loan. We have signed with the contractor. The contractor is completing all of the costs associated with each part of the plan and the required sub-contractors.

We hope that work will soon begin on the different parts of the project. The work on the church will place some expectations on our community. We will need to respond to these needs as they arise. Some things will be certain.

Daily mass will take place in the rectory as soon as construction begins. We are not sure when this will start. Those who attend daily mass will be given plenty of advanced notice.

If we need to move to Holy Family Hall for Sunday mass, it will be an easy process.

There will be another Parish Hall Meeting on Sunday, August 5th at 12:30 in the parish church. If you missed our first meeting, please attend. A list of costs for each part of the project should be available at that time. Some of you have expressed interest in sponsoring a particular part of the project.

A more formal fund-raising campaign will be announced. Envelopes for giving are available at the back of the church. I look forward to the inconvenience of construction… it will mean that the project will soon be completed.

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