Monsignor Benvegnu Lecture Series

Monday evenings at 7 pm at St. Vincent de Paul Parish Church. The first lecture will take place in Holy Family Hall.

October 22: Improving Our Prayer at Mass

Fr. John E. Norman, Pastor, Saint Vincent de Paul Parish
The prayers of the Eucharist are beautiful and powerful. The basic elements and content of our faith are presented and proclaimed whenever we participate in the celebration of the Mass. This talk will focus on the structure of the Mass and the content of the prayers in order to deepen prayerful participation in this central sacrament of the Church.

November 12: King David: The Story Of Mercy

Deacon Michael Bulson, Saint Andrew Parish
Pope Francis has made “mercy” a key theme of his pontificate. This presentation will examine the life of King David (1000BC), one of the key persons in the Old Testament a spiritual ancestor of Jesus and an extraordinary recipient of God’s mercy. The lecture will consider King David’s triumphs as well as his failings, and most of all, what lessons we can learn from him.

December 10: Generating a Lifelong Faith Journey

Dr. Kandie Brinkman, theology teacher, Juan Diego Catholic High School
This lecture will allow us to think about how Catholic laity live out their faith. We look at lifelong formation as a journey of the Christian life. Our takeaway is a renewed desire to seek out multiple options for deepening our faith in both mind and soul.

January 14: A Catholic Response to the Death Penalty

Fr. John E. Norman, Pastor, Saint Vincent de Paul Parish
Capital punishment has long been an issue of moral confusion and controversy both culturally and religiously. Pope Francis recently defined the death penalty as “completely inadmissible.” More than two thirds of the world’s 200 countries have abolished the death penalty. Our lecture and discussion will explain, clarify, and examine this important issue.

February 11: Giving Glory to God

Fr. Dominic Briese, O. P., theology teacher, Juan Diego Catholic High School
St. Irenaeus, the great second-century bishop of Lyons in France, once declared: “The Glory of God is the person who is fully alive.” This lecture will explain what this statement means. It will use Scripture to remind us that our Gracious God created a good world and, despite the reality of sin, he has given us a wonderful identity. The lecture will show the place of the sacraments in the process of sanctification.

March 4: Cats in Heaven: Yes or No?

Msgr. M. Francis Mannion, Pastor Emeritus, St. Vincent de Paul Parish
The question of whether we will meet our pets in heaven is a pressing question for many people. The question of how much of the natural order, including animals, will be in heaven at the end of time is examined. It will look at what the Bible, Catholic tradition, and the history of spirituality have to say on the matter.

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