Notes from Our Pastor

St. Vincent de Paul Parish Project Updates

Roof leaks and damage at the Benvegnu Center

These repairs are complete and should serve us for many years. Balances in our parish building fund paid for these repairs.

Asphalt replacement in parish parking lots

Following the removal of the asphalt in the north parking lot we discovered that the soil composite was not adequate for the new asphalt. We were not expecting this additional expense. Six inches of sand and clay was taken away and was replaced with the proper and required composite. The north parking will be completed very soon. Work will begin on the south lot during the week of September 20th.

We need your financial support to help us with the project. The need to replace soil doubled our expenses. The total cost is close to $350,000.00. We have already received very generous gifts from parishioners. Please use the blue envelopes in the church pews for your donations. If you want to mail a donation to the parish, simply indicate its purpose and include your parish envelope number. Our parishioners are famous for their generosity. I thank you in advance.

Restoration and refinishing of the exterior doors of the church

This work is in the hands of the same craftsmen who refinished the pews during our church renovation. It also has become more complicated than planned. The oak veneers needed are no longer available. These thicker veneers are being completed in the workshop of the craftsmen. The doors will be replaced two at a time. A single generous donor from our parish is sponsoring this very expensive project. This is a wonderful gift to our parish.

Thank you to each of you for your support of these needed repairs and updates to our parish campus. Your generosity is greatly appreciated and a beautiful example of care and concern for this great place.


The Rev. John E. Norman
Pastor, Saint Vincent DePaul Parish