Notes from Our Pastor

Happy to be here!

First, I would like to thank everyone for your most kind and generous welcome as I begin my term as pastor.

As we get to know each other let me begin by telling you a little about myself: I was raised in Ogden and attended St. Joseph Elementary and High School. Then attended Utah State and started out in the School of Natural Resources. After I finished college, I entered seminary at St. Patrick School of Theology in Menlo Park, CA (right next to Stanford).

This is my sixth parish and I have been a priest for 19 years.

My last two parishes, Blessed Sacrament in Sandy and St. Marguerite in Tooele, I completed a 6-year term for each. Many priests of our diocese have called St. Vincent their home for a period of their life. I have not, but now God and our Bishop have given me the chance to be here with you.

I have been blessed by those priests who have been important to this parish. Fr. Kaiser celebrated Mass for the kids at St. Joseph Elementary School. I remember how he would say “This is Jesus,” rather than Body of Christ. Fr. Davich was the founding pastor of Holy Family when I received first communion. Fr. Norman was the principal of St. Joseph High School when I was there. I had one degree of separation from this parish, but no longer.

I look forward to my time here with the parish and the school,

Rev. Sam Dinsdale
Pastor, Saint Vincent DePaul Parish