Notes from Our Pastor

Advent and Christmas Season at St. Vincent de Paul Parish

To the parishioners of St. Vincent de Paul Parish,

This season, uniquely focused on the many traditions of our faith, our families and cultural backgrounds, gatherings of friends and neighbors and memories linked to music and story, is always a source of great joy and celebration. This year we will certainly be facing unexpected challenges to these important traditions and celebrations.

Many of you have already had to change and accommodate changes to family celebrations. Sadly, many families will not be gathering together this year, and will celebrate apart from one another. Travel, long-distance and local, is considered in a different way. Parties, dinners and many gatherings have been put on hold.

We all continue our dedication to pray for those who are sick from the Corona Virus, those who serve and care for the sick and for the quick access to a vaccine. These are our prayers at each daily mass.

Our parish is still under restrictions related to the pandemic. We are still limited by the number who can attend services. Both the Diocese of Salt Lake City and the State of Utah have allowed parishes to have gatherings based on size of the gathering space. We have been limited to 50 people at our Eucharistic celebrations. Persons have been asked to call to have a place at each Sunday mass.

After much reflection, consultation and planning, we have made a difficult decision regarding our schedule for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We will be unable to confidently provide a safe and secure environment for any masses on those two days.

There will be no Christmas Eve or Christmas Day masses with congregations this year at St. Vincent de Paul Parish. A 4:00pm mass on Christmas Eve will be streamed.

I appreciate your understanding and support of this difficult and disappointing decision. It would impractical and impossible to adequately limit those wishing to attend Christmas masses. Each of you, and each visitor, should not be placed in a compromising environment. Our practices for daily and Sunday masses will remain the same. This is a decision for Christmas masses ONLY.

Please take advantage of these special opportunities for prayer and reading during Advent and Christmas:

Advent Daily Prayer Booklets

We have been providing these booklets for every family for many years. They will be available at the entrances to the church beginning Thanksgiving Day.

Our Christmas Gift Book

Each Christmas and Easter we have given an inspirational book to each family. This year’s book is titled, I Heard God Laugh. It will be placed in the parish pews beginning December 20th. When you are finished, share it with a friend or family member.

Visit the Manger

Our parish church will continue to be open each day until 4:00 pm. Please visit for private prayer and you are encouraged to visit the crèche during the days that follow Christmas. Parents and grandparents, please bring your children to visit the infant Jesus.

Wishing you and those you love a prayerful and meaningful Advent Season as you prepare for Christ’s coming,

The Rev. John E. Norman
Pastor, Saint Vincent DePaul Parish