Our Community


We, the family of St. Vincent de Paul Parish, as a faith-filled community, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, worship the Father by imitating the Son.

We reach out to all people by evangelizing through the spiritual and corporal works of mercy. By our daily proclamation of the Gospel we shine with the love of Christ.

Share in the prophetic mission of Christ By working at being Christ-like

  • By being visibly Catholic
  • By telling everyone about God
  • By preaching Christ’s message
  • By doing what God Wants you to do

Follow Christ’s example of priestly dignity By becoming reverent messengers

  • By becoming a people who stand up and work
  • By becoming people who love and respect

Commit to the shepherding service of Christ By gathering together in Christ’s name

  • By gathering together to work for the parish community
  • By choosing to fully participate as a member of the mystical body of Christ