Church Renovation #4 – Bathrooms and Fountains

When homeowners plan a remodel there is always special attention given to bathrooms and the kitchen. They are usually the places most in need of updating and improvement. The bathrooms have not been overlooked in our plans for St. Vincent de Paul Parish Church.

Our parish church was built prior to The American with Disabilities Act. That means our restrooms do not accommodate the needs of those with disabilities. This has presented some challenges in our renovation plans.

The present men’s room will become the handicapped bathroom that will not be gender specific. The storage areas in that hallway will be removed allowing for a wider hallway. The storage area known as the “candle room” will become part of the handicapped bathroom allowing for adequate space for wheelchairs or walkers. Candles for use in the shrine area will be available in the Sunday Sacristy. Ushers will assist us during the weeks of transition and change.

The present women’s room will receive new appointments, but will not receive any structural changes. It will maintain its gender specific designation. Please remember that during Sunday morning masses the bathrooms in Holy Family Hall are available for use and both are handicapped accessible. They are a short walk from all entrances to the church.

The removal of storage areas on the way to the new handicapped bathroom will allow for the instillation of drinking fountains in the entry area of the church.

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