Church Renovation Update – September 8-9, 2018

Our project is moving forward quickly and ahead of schedule. It is very much a construction zone. The pews are up and being refinished in the breezeway near Holy Family Hall. The carpet is up and the sanctuary is being rebuilt. The ceilings are being replaced and we are waiting for the delivery of lighting fixtures.

I encourage you to make a brief visit. But remember that work is going on and heavy equipment is being used. The contractors have asked that you do not wander through the building, but just observe from the doorway. This is for your safety and the security of the project.

I appreciate the cooperation of everyone in making things so easy in the gym and rectory. It has worked easily because of the involvement and kindness of everyone.

It has become clear that the work in the church can advance much more quickly if we remain in the gym for mass until the completion of the entire project. By staying in the gym, the project can be finished by early November. That will be our plan of action. The outcome will be worth the inconvenience.

Please continue your support and prayers for this exciting time for St. Vincent de Paul Parish Family.

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