Church Renovation Update – November 18, 2018

The end is in sight — The final church renovation update!

We have reached the final days of our long, challenging and tiring process. With just two more weekends out of our parish church, we are anxious to see the project completed. When we return on the evening of December 1st, you will be amazed at the transformation. Everything has been made new and bright without losing the familiarity and dignity of our treasured place of worship.

Thank you for your remarkable patience that helped us through all the inconveniences. I know that the folding chairs were very uncomfortable for many of you. Some of you were even unable to attend mass during this time. Setting up and taking down has been a challenge to so many. THANK YOU FOR YOUR GOODNESS AND KINDNESS.

We need your help to move back in. A work day has been set aside for Friday, November 30, 2018, beginning at 12:30PM and will continue till the work is complete. Donate some time if you are able. There will be both heavy and light work. Come for just an hour, bring some cooled bottled water for the workers, stay longer if possible, or just come by and see if you are needed.

Our work will begin Friday at noon and continue until we are finished. Length of work will depend on the number of helpers.

Your prayers have led us to this point. Prayers are still needed to guide our journey back into our renovated space and to assist us in the unexpected or overlooked challenges the project will present to us.

Remember our scheduled Evening of Blessing on Friday, January 4, 2019. Bishop Solis will bless the Tabernacle and Font, we will gather in prayer and then celebrate with a reception in Holy Family Hall. Plan to be there.

Words cannot express my gratitude to each of you for your weeks of support, encouragement and kindness. THANK YOU.


The Rev. John E. Norman
Pastor, Saint Vincent DePaul Parish

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