Church Renovation #8 – Church Furniture

Along with pews in our parish church, there are some other important pieces of furniture that can go almost unnoticed. These furnishings are also in need of refinishing, new padding and new fabric coverings.

The most important chairs are in the sanctuary. They are the presider’s chair and the chairs for other assisting ministers (deacon, concelebrant, acolytes and other ministers). Each of these chairs needs to be rebuilt or repaired. They are original to the church and were designed by the architect. We felt they deserve the attention needed to be restored. They will receive new padding and upholstery.

The benches used by the altar servers against the back wall of the sanctuary will be rebuilt and restored.

At some time during the history of our parish church, the simple benches were added around the periphery of the church in order to increase seating. They are a nice addition to the church and a good use of space. They need to be repaired were needed, refinished padded and upholstered.

There are some additional upholstered chairs in the rear of the church near the votive candles. Some of you with back issues like to sit in them. I think these chairs were once in the convent chapel when it was built in the 1960s. They are in need of the same renovations and improvements.

We are searching for a very beautiful fabric that will be used on all these furnishings. The colors chosen for fabric and carpet will be in the green range of the spectrum.

Our final addition to the sanctuary will be a large area rug placed behind the altar. Remember that the sanctuary floor will be wood. This would be an oriental style rug in colors and pattern that would be appropriate to its surroundings. These will be the finishing elements to our renovation project.

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